About Life Section

I am a designer, a wife, and a mother who is on an adventure to experience God, the world, people, architecture, detail, sound, language, texture, movement, colour, thought, line. This blog is a metaphorical slice through my life to reveal my experiences, thoughts, designs, explorations, and discoveries.

The Design menu separates out thoughts on some of the design work I’ve done. Research similarly separates out the work I have been doing in mapping and community development. Journal covers my posts about life events. If you enjoy my content, please help me out by pressing “follow” to get an e-mail update when I make a new post. Happy reading!

6 Responses to “About Life Section”

  1. Okay, thanks

  2. Hallo kindly wheres this location exactly wanted to tour the place will be so much glad

  3. Hi Lise – I’d love to follow you in your journey! Paul


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