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This first post is a little late in the making, but better late then never!  I have decided to start blogging because in the past few years now I’ve been doing a lot of moving around for school, and no one really knows what I’m up to anymore.  I hope to share some of my adventures in Europe, my random revelations and statements of obvious, and also some of my design work, photography, and other architecture geekyness.  One example of such can be seen above.  You are probably wondering why I chose the title ‘Life Section’ for my blog.  Well as an architecture nerd, I have a fetish for the cross sectional drawing.  It really tells all about a space in a very simple and clear way.  If you follow this blog you will likely get to know me a bit better, and can share in my travels, discoveries, and adventures.  I chose the Pantheon as the interior of my metaphor because it is an absolutely amazing and intricate space (that I have yet to experience in real life but that day will come).

So as many of you know, I am studying in Switzerland for five months.  I have now been here for two weeks and it has been amazing so far.  I arrived on the 20th of August and spent 10 days couch-surfing.  On September first I moved into residence and finally have a place to call my own.  I’m currently taking a three week intensive french course.  It has been a great way to meet people and I’ve gotten to know some other exchange students who come from all over Europe.  Lausanne is a very beautiful city.  It sits on lake Geneva and you can see the mountains in the distance.  This is where I cut off.  The adventure begins….  : )


4 Responses to “Lise’s Blog of Awesomeness”

  1. Hi, this is also a comment. You could delete it, but you probably don’t want to, because it’s going to be kick-ass. ;)
    Did you do this little doodle with the tablet Al bought you? The handwriting is pretty smooth.
    “Fetish” is a creepy word; penchant or “thing” sounds better. :P
    Bahaha, you’re halfway around the world and still can’t get away from my annoyingness. :D

    • Yes it’s the tablet Al gave me. It works very well. I’m surprised you think my handwriting is smooth though because it’s still taking some practice to pick up and put down the pen for each letter without looking at the writing surface itself. It is certainly coming in handy for portfolio stuff!


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