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September 5, 2010



Yesterday Andrea and I went on a trip to a nearby village called Broc to visit the Cailler chocolate factory.  It was the first chocolate factory built in Switzerland in 1819!  We learned about the history of chocolate and the history of chocolate in Switzerland.  We also got to see a bit of the process of how chocolate is made and got to try way too much of it!  Swiss chocolate (especially the milk chocolate which was invented here) is amazing stuff.  Andrea and I decided to visit this place because we will be doing a presentation about Suisse chocolate for our french class this Monday.  So the first thing that I’ve found that’s pretty sweet about Switzerland is the chocolate!  Luckily I’m poor and so won’t be able to buy to much of it!

On the way back from Broc we took a bit of a detour to the town of Gruyères (yes it’s where the cheese got its name) to visit the castle there.  The town was quaint and the castle quite beautiful.  The village is also nestled in the juras and so the backdrop was amazing.  The image above was taken just inside the wall surrounding the castle.  We came across a little girl there who looked lost and had to stop and take a picture!