Swell things about Switzerland

Now that I’ve been in Switzerland for over a month, it is time that I make a list of things that I think are pretty swell about Switzerland.

– Most of the public telephone boxes are square and BLUE with a little light on top.  Can’t get any more swell than that!  Best phone experience EVER!  ; )

– The Swiss building code requires every residence to have a nuclear bunker (unless there is access to a communal bunker).  Hard core!

– The Swiss ten bill has Le Corbusier on it with his awesome nerdy glasses.  ‘La Petite Maison’ by Le Corbusier is a short drive away.

– The Swiss speak slower and clearer french than the neighboring French.  Thanks!

– Swiss wine is amazing.  The harvest starts this week.  The vines are all stepped on really steep slopes that look incredible.

– Lake Léman is gorgeous.  You can see France and the alps as clear as day on the other side.

– The Swiss say septante, huitante, and neunante, instead of soixante-dix, quatre-vingt, and quatre-vingt-dix.  WHATT?

– The windows don’t have screens and can open up all the way (more than half the area of the wall).  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean they don’t have mosquitoes.  : P

– The Swiss give three ‘bisous’ (kisses) as a greeting.  It is the same as in the Netherlands.  Girls kiss girls, boys kiss girls, but boys don’t kiss boys (unlike in France).

– The metro here is twice as efficient and more than half the price of the TTC.  Use this as a precedent Toronto!

– more to come…..

3 Comments to “Swell things about Switzerland”

  1. Mon professeur francais a utilise les mots ‘septant, huitante et nonante’ aussi. Elle est belge. Je pense que ses mots sont plus populaire que j’ai pense.

    (It’s Canadian thanksgiving here… just to keep you in touch with what’s going on in the homeland!)

  2. ME WANT MORE!!! :)

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