A crazy few weeks

Whenever we have a crazy week, we always hate it while everything is happening, but afterward they become amusing stories.  Here are a few crazy things that have happened to me in the last two weeks.  Now I can just sit back and chuckle at myself.

  • Two Sundays ago I was playing an excellent inter-mural soccer match (a close loss), when I got kicked in the side of the knee (by a boy of course).  It didn’t hurt too badly that night, but the next week it was a 4 inch diameter black and blue bruise.  I hobbled around for one day and then it was fine.
  • Totally unrelated, the following weekend I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Belleville because I hadn’t seen them or my cousins since before I left for Switzerland.  I went five pin bowling with a bunch of my cousins for one of my little cousin’s birthday.  For the first game and half of the second game, I followed my traditional trend of not doing so dandy, and then out of the blue put out five strikes in a row to finish the game at my new record of 230 points!
  • That Sunday I hopped on the Greyhound bus back home and arrived just in time for the first playoff soccer game.  My knee felt better by then, but it was a bad idea to play because the next day, at about mid-day (I’m still not sure if it was the soccer or the bike ride to work that did it), the side of my knee started swelling up like crazy and I was getting burning pain when I walked.  Oh, and we lost the game.
  • On Wednesday I hobbled over to the walk-in to get my knee checked out.  On the way there my bus got into an accident.  No one was injured but it gave us all a good jolting.  When I got to the clinic I had to wait for an hour and a half to see a doctor for five minutes.  On the way back again the road was closed in front of the bus for another accident that had happened, and so getting impatient I hopped off of the bus and hobbled back to the office on foot (which I’m convinced was faster!).
  • On Thursday I waited another hour to get an x-ray done on my knee just in case.  I was getting impatient through all of this because there were three deadlines at work that week.  I don’t think I had read that many beauty magazines in my life!
  • On Saturday I went home to visit my parents.  One of the main reasons for going was to show them some design work I had been doing for them on my computer.  I forgot my computer plug in Toronto.  Great job Lise!  I suppose it was a good excuse to get them both to drive me back to Toronto so that I could finally show them!  ; )
  • On Monday I decided to try and walk home from work for the first time since my injury.  It was a slow trek and I was limping, but it didn’t feel too bad (and saved me $3 for such a short trip!).  I suppose I could have had the ride for free though because a streetcar driver stopped in his tracks and offered me a free ride.  Too bad I was almost home by that time!  It really is too bad that they wouldn’t do that for me if I was an old homeless man or something.
  • On Tuesday I took my boss’s car to go to the store to pick up something I needed.  It turned out that I drove it out of the driveway with a flat tire and went quite a way without realizing it.  By the time I did realize it the tire was irreparable.  At the time I actually thought that I had blown it or something.  Luckily I knew of a random garage near by, drove the car in, and by sheer luck (or divine intervention), there were four winter tires sitting in the back trunk!  The mechanic replaced the wheel for me and wouldn’t let me pay a cent (is anyone seeing a pattern here??).  I couldn’t call my office because I had made an error entering the number into my phone, and so afterward I just continued on to the store, purchased what I wanted, and arrived back at the office two and a half hours later!

That is the end to my line of abnormal events.  They certainly keep life interesting but I wouldn’t mind going back for a while to the uneventful.


– Lise


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