Studying in Roma

So by now if you have been following along with my Roman adventures, you are probably wondering if I have to do any work here.  Classes have been going for three weeks now, but the amazing thing about this term or at least this month, is that our coursework is very intertwined with our discovery of the city of Rome.

Our studio is a small rented space located in a building on the ‘Piazza Santa Maria’.  Even though the facilities themselves are very minimal, it is the ‘backyard’ that provides the inspiration anyways!   The piazza that we look out on is one of the most popular in Trastevere.  It is filled with stores, cafés, and restaurants, which means there is never a dull moment.  There is a beautiful church and a fountain on the square as well which together become an important landmark and meeting place.  The square becomes even more alive at night, as Italians eat quite late and the square is often used for performances of various kinds.  When I work late in the studio I can often hear the sound of a violin or an accordion playing, and once in a while some theme music to an upbeat music or dance performance.   It will be interesting to see how the life in the square changes as the cooler weather arrives.

Our first studio project was mainly to get us around Rome and getting to better know the city in all its many layers and complexity.  Our class was divided into large groups and each group was given a path to follow from somewhere on the outskirts of Rome to the center.  We had to find a way of analyzing and presenting the core architectural themes surrounding our path, and every group approached the project differently.  Here is what my group came up with:

Enjoy and please leave your comments!



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