A new endeavor

Greetings from Italy!  You may not know what I’ve been up to and it is about time for an update!  I am currently studying in Rome, Italy for four months as a part of my undergraduate degree program in architecture at the University of Waterloo.  I am now in my fourth year (almost done!) and have been living the life of a nomad jumping from city to city to pursue studies and complete co-operative work terms.  Studying architecture and traveling to different places has only increased my awe in the Creator and I have grown in a deeper relationship with Him.  These past four years have been spiritually challenging ones as there are very few Christians at my school.  God is still active however and I believe he is opening the hearts of the people I meet.  God has blessed me in this season of my life by putting a few amazing, God-loving people in my path no matter where I have been!  God has placed in me a passion for architecture, but I know that His purpose for me is not to apply my trade in a typical way.  I came across an organization called ‘Engineering Ministries International’ (EMI) when I was searching and praying for a way to use my skills in this earthly kingdom to give people glimpses of the Kingdom of God.  I don’t know yet where God wants me for the long term, but I believe that he is giving me an opportunity to do missions as an important stepping stone of learning and spiritual growth.
I have been accepted as an intern at EMI and will serve at their office in Kampala, Uganda from January until April of 2012.  Engineering Ministries International is a non-profit organization that designs projects in the developing world to help the poor and spread the good news of Christ.  They have offices located in the USA, Canada, India, Costa Rica, the Middle East, UK, and Uganda and have worked on over 900 projects in almost 90 countries, designing desperately needed facilities such as hospitals, orphanages, churches, schools, and water systems.  As an intern I will assist professionally licensed engineers and architects in their design process and will have the opportunity to get involved in the local community in Kampala.  I want to serve at EMI because I know that God can work wonders in this world through those who put their lives in His hands.  I believe that I can be an invaluable member to the EMI team and can use my skills to improve the lives of people in need while at the same time living loud the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a student, my finances have always been tight, and I have never before considered the possibility of doing missions.  I believe that God wants me on this trip, however, and I know that in following His will everything is possible, even fundraising while currently abroad!  The amount that I need to raise to cover my expenses is $6500 before the end of December.  I ask you to please consider being a part of the team of believers that will take part and play an important role in this ministry through financial support and above all through PRAYER.  Please pray for the preparation process to go smoothly, pray for the people in East Africa and the people from this and many other organizations who are working to serve them; pray that the Holy Spirit will fill me and make me a bold witness for Christ that I may be a shining light both through my work and my everyday encounters.  Pray that the work that I am involved with be physically successful in bringing hope to the lives of people in East Africa.  If you would like to contribute financially please fill out the attached response card and return it to EMI by December 20th.  You can also donate online at https://emicanada.org/donate.shtm where you can give under my name.  All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you very much for your time and your prayers.  If you are interested in following my work in Uganda or even just catching up, please send me an e-mail at ejvob@hotmail.com.  I will also be posting updates on my blog at https://lifesection.wordpress.com/ where you can also follow some of my current adventures in Italy.   I look forward to sharing with you and including you in this incredible journey that God is leading me on.

Trusting in Him,

Elisabeth van Overbeeke

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