Music and place

Every time I live in a place, I have a song that becomes connected with it.  It becomes forever stitched into the memories from that place and from then on whenever I hear the song I am brought back to a small glimpse of the past that can only be shared with my past self.  The same happens to me with scents; however those can be more elusive to grasp and define.  Here is my list of past songs connected with past places.  Only a few people who I share these memories with would know why particular songs are relevant; anyone else would likely be puzzled.  The songs are rarely the hits, rather they are the songs that I came by almost accidentally, sometimes repetitively and sometimes only once, but at a particular moment that strongly associates with the emotions and richest memories associated with that place.   I’ve included links to the songs on YouTube so that you can enjoy!  Comment and let me know what songs connect to some of the places where you have been.

France, 2005:  Eve Angeli, Avant de Partir

Trois Pistoles, 2007:  Ariane Moffatt, Montréal

Edmonton, 2009:  Arrogant Worms, Last Saskatchewan Pirate

Switzerland, 2010: Marc Aymon, Astronaute

And last but certainly not least:

Rome, 2011:  Paolo Conte, Via Con Me

Enjoy this little taste of Italian culture.  Paolo Conte is a famous Italian singer and composer and every Italian knows this song!

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