Sometimes I imagine myself creating something that is in itself complete;

A story written whose words and pages bring to life a perfect picture, a sequence of events that fit together so smoothly and brilliantly that the words just roll off the tongue into a spinning imagination.

A song that when played or sung strikes a chord in your soul, one that you never new existed until that moment, and pours a wave of shivers down your spine.

A space created where every form, every detail, every shadow is in perfect harmony with itself and with anyone who enters it.

Every once in a while we encounter this phenomenon however far and few between.

What is it that intrigues us about these rich compositions of word, song, and space?

Do we desire a similar fullness?

For our life’s dance to be so brilliantly orchestrated?

But it seems like few ever accomplish this;

In a story so many words;

In a song so many notes;

In a space so many relationships;

An artist with a blank slate must make a million decisions before creating a masterpiece,

And mastery alone requires a million hours of repetition.

From where do we get this notion of completeness?







When I look at creation I see the most complete composition of form and complexity,

Or when I see old buildings that have endured the degradation of time.

When I sing, it is the song in praise to God that most often rings in rich fullness.

When I read, it is in the Bible that I find the most complete story that I have ever set my eyes or ears on.

When I follow the life of Jesus it seems the most complete love that could ever be given.

I believe that everyone on this earth is playing a role in a story that is already complete,

A story to which only the divine beings know the ending;

And I look forward to the day when my soul will radiate this fullness every hour of everyday.

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