The Democratic Republic of the Congo

I just returned yesterday evening from my project trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  It was quite the trip and there is so much that I want to share.  I’m going to spit this out and see where this blog posting leads.  To give you a bit of a summary, our team is made up of ten people, two civil engineers, Patrick – team leader, Paul, two electrical engineers Bob and Mark, a team mom Eileen – Bob’s wife, an environmental engineer Tim, an administrator and team co-leader Brittany, an architect Robert, an engineering intern Erland, and me.  We visited the ministry of the Congo Initiative at their university campus (the Christian Bilingual University of Congo or UCBC) in Beni.  Our goal for the ten day trip was to get to know the ministry and their needs, and prepare a preliminary design for an architectural and civil master plan for their growing campus.   Enjoy the posts to follow!

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