During my time working with eMi I had the opportunity to take Swahili with two other ladies from our office, Sarah and Rose.  I couldn’t really use it in Kampala specifically because the local language there is Luganda, however, Swahili is widely spoken in many countries in East Africa.  I heard it for the first time when I was on my project trip to the DRC.  I have no idea if or when I will have an opportunity to use it, but my same love for languages that has followed me all my life wouldn’t let me dismiss the opportunity to learn it.  It is a very beautiful language and it was such a joy to learn.

Kiswahili is an easy language to learn by way that it is pronounced like it is spelt and many of the grammatical patterns follow through.  One of the hardest things about the language was that there are several different word classes and each class has everything associated with that word take on the patterns or rules of that specific class.  This means that adjectives can sound completely different depending on the word class of the noun that they are describing.


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