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I have been home for over a month and my experience in Uganda is already beginning to feel like a dream.  It will forever be with me however, and I was definitely blessed and changed by it.  What’s strange is that I always say the word ‘home’ even though I’m always living the life of a nomad.  I almost get frustrated at how adaptable I am and how easily I can adjust to a new place.  I have fallen in love with every place I have lived and I can’t seem to pick one over the rest.

Because I have called so many places home, I now have a good reason to write about my ‘home’ here in Cambridge where I am going to school for the summer.  I have lived in this city on and off for the last five years as I have worked to finish my bachelor degree.  The architecture building is a renovation of what used to be a textile factory.  We are about a half-hour drive away from the main university campus, and so we are a small tight-knit community of our own.


This past Thursday I had my first studio project review.  We are designing a type of rehabilitation center for people transitioning to the use of wheelchairs.  You can check out my project boards below.  Just remember that this is the project at a developmental stage and that there is much more to be done!  Enjoy!

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the fruits of your long weekend perseverence.

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