Two Years, Eighty Posts

I can’t believe that this is my eighty first post and that I’ve been blogging for two years!  Who could believe that so much could even happen in two years!  I went from living in Toronto to Switzerland to Toronto to Rome to Uganda to Cambridge, and met so many amazing people and had some great experiences along the way!  Next stop is Toronto yet again where I’ll be moving short term for work.  I think that this blog has indeed succeeded in my goal of being a life section like I described in the very first post that I published.   Thanks for following along.

2 Comments to “Two Years, Eighty Posts”

  1. Oooh, you’re still a blogging baby. Two years has got nothing on me. That being said, you’ve definitely seen a bit more of the world then me! I hope you continue to blog. Al and I were saying that we need to read it in order to keep up with the goings on!

  2. Haha yes it is true I’m still a blogging baby. Would you say I write more original material than you though, despite the fact that no one reads it? ;)

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