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March 25, 2013

Day 8: TESOL Presentation

Team + Mascott

Here is a picture of the team:  me and the boys (project leader far right), and the little bundle of cuteness I’m holding is the daughter of the Swiss couple that was staying with us at the guesthouse.  She sort of became the team’s mascot and we joked that eMi was allowing for younger and younger interns these days…


Photo by Jim Boyer

Photo by Jim Boyer

After two more days of designing, producing drawings, and consulting with the ministry directors and a few other teachers, we finally hit production phase on Friday with the presentation set for the following day at noon.  It was a late night/early morning, but we pulled it together and managed to have everything ready to go.  The presentation went well, and the ministry gave us very positive feedback.


Our lovely hand-drawn parti diagram explaining many of our design decisions

Master Plan

A rendered master plan at full build-out

Coloured Master Plan

The rendered plan showing phasing:  phase 1 yellow, phase 2 orange, phase 3 blue, phase 4 teal

The work isn’t done yet of course.  For the next few months the team will be working via web correspondence (the short-term volunteers doing so in their own time) to complete a detailed report, refined master plan, and corresponding plans for water, waste-water, storm run-off and drainage, electricity, and other details.