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April 30, 2013

African Art

I’m super excited because this week I finally… FINALLY got some of my artwork framed that I got in Uganda!  These three ladies are painted on fabric and have sat folded away for over a year.  I was looking into custom frames which are super expensive (especially in Toronto where there is no Michaels) when one day I came across two tall narrow frames at Value Village.  They were an ugly fake coloured wood, but I spray painted them black and now they are looking very smart!  I have added them to my narrow hallway baseboard radiator art shelf collection.  :D

The Ladies Baseboard Radiator Shelf

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April 30, 2013

Toronto Walk

Last weekend my friend Vikkie came for a visit and we decided to explore an area of Toronto where we had never been.  I suggested the path along the Don Valley Parkway.  We decided to hit just the south end of it approaching the lake.  It was full of very interesting, industrial landscapes that felt very lonely but beautiful.  There were some interesting areas of renewal under the raised Gardiner expressway.

DSCN7972 DSCN7974 DSCN7975 DSCN7973 DSCN7979 DSCN7981 DSCN7982

April 30, 2013

Design Portfolio

Unemployment can be a good and refreshing thing.  Even though it made me nervous to be without a job for a month, I was able to do the trip to Africa, and when I came back I finally… FINALLY printed my design portfolio and made business cards.  Then of course I got I job without even needing to pull them out… but that’s beside the point!  It’s nice to finally market myself as an architect-in-training.  Until I have the qualification to do buildings, I enjoy taking on graphic design projects, theoretical design competitions, and industrial designs.  So if you want a cool bed, a logo, or even a piece of design advice, do let me know.  :)  You can check out an online pdf version of my portfolio in the side bar.  Enjoy!

Printed portfolio Business Card

April 11, 2013

Grow Op

Check this out!  Not only is our Field Cushion project going to be exhibited in the Grow Op landscape exhibition at the Gladstone hotel at the end of April, we also had a photo selected to be published in the promotional material!  Feels good to finally be published, even if it’s just a poster!   Come on out to the exhibition from April 25th to 28th.

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