Photo by Leah Wills

Photo by Leah Wills

For the long weekend I went with a group of church friends to hike in the Adirondacks near Lake Placid, New York.  We car camped at a small campground called Wilmington Notch and did two day trip hikes.  I have learned stuff about the Adirondack mountains.  Supposedly there are 46 high peaks (those over 4000 ft) in the Adirondacks and hard-core hikers try to summet them all.  We only had time and energy for 3.  On the first day we hiked the 36th highest peak called Cascade and the 38th highest peak called Porter.  I think we walked thirteen or fourteen kilometers that first day.  It was raining for most of the day and the path was very muddy!  There was a lot of jumping from rock to rock and I felt sometimes like I was in a video game or something.  My feet and legs were absolutely soaked and muddy before we were even halfway up the mountain!  The next day we hiked the 10th highest peak called Gothics.  To hike this one we had to cut through a golf club, and unfortunately had to make quite a long approach (3.5 miles one way) along a road to the base of the mountain path because the bus that traversed the same route was for club members only.  We walked some 22 km that day and my legs were rubber by the end of it!  The hike that day was harder but more interesting than the first day and also less muddy because it didn’t rain too much.  For the last mile we were literally climbing, grabbing onto rocks and roots to help hoist ourselves up.  It was my upper body and not my lower body that was sore the next few days!  It was well worth it though.  We reached the top of a secondary peak called Pyramid, and an amazing view opened up to us at the last moment.  It was amazing and we felt like we were on top of the world!  When I visit places like this it always reminds me of the might and majesty of God, that He created these mountains and he can move them, and also that he had pleasure in creating this earth and looked over all he had made and said that it was very good.


Photo by Leah Wills

Photo by Leah Wills

Photo by Leah Wills


Photo by Leah Wills



Photo by Leah Wills

3 Responses to “Adirondacks”

  1. That last picture’s gorgeous, Lise. I do love the mountains…have you been out to the Rockies at all?

    • Yup! I lived in Edmonton for four months and visited Jasper, Canmore, and Banff. That was before my blogging days though. If you click on my Switzerland tag I have some pretty spectacular pictures of the Alps though.


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