ACADIA 2013 Adaptive Architecture

Some of you may know that my job since April has been planning the ACADIA conference that is being hosted by Waterloo Architecture this year. ACADIA stands for the Association for Computer Aided Design In Architecture and it is one of the oldest associations that gathers this kind of architectural research. The Conference is just one week away now and everything is slowly coming together. It was very difficult to let go of “my baby” and move to part-time when I started school in September. It is nice to be working on my own stuff again though. There is an incredible team invested in the event and I’m excited for the opportunities it will hopefully bring to the school. Even though it isn’t exactly related to the work I’m doing for my thesis, it is still a great networking opportunity. I know the research work so well from communicating with all the authors and pushing forward the handful of publications that will accompany the event.

My job has been as general manager involving a wide range of tasks, from arranging catering and hotels to author communications, to paper editing and publications production, to website development and promotions, and the list goes on! Even though I’ve missed doing architectural design work as a job, it has been interesting to get glimpse into the domains of website and publications in particular. Working with the ACADIA website has given me the confidence to create my own website for my design portfolio which I hope to have a first version up before Christmas! Anyways, if you are at all remotely interested in this kind of research, I totally recommend you come to the conference or at least check out the research abstracts that will soon be online. All information can be found on the website:

ACADIA poster


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