Coffee House

Monigram Coffee House 2013 057

What could be better than coffee, friends, and some great music? The Coffee House on November 14 that I helped to coordinate was a great success! There is so much amazing talent at our school it’s insane. And even when we had gone through everyone on the original line-up, we had additional musical people come up and perform, some who I don’t think were even architecture students. The event was held in the upstairs space of the Monigram cafe. The space was jam-packed, but the brick walls and the lights created a great atmosphere. The string of ornaments that people made also looked lovely. Although the space was too full for us to sell the ornaments there, they are now selling for donation at Monigram. People sometimes aren’t buying them because they don’t want to make the tree look bare, but are donating anyways! We raised almost $500 for the Cambridge Shelter for Home for the Holidays! To top that all off I performed for the first time!! I played Learning How to Die by Jon Foreman and Caravan by Passenger. The whistling part in Caravan actually sounded really great in the microphone! Another highlight was Chanel and Stephen’s original song with guitar and harmonica about preparing a homey, post-studio day culinary dish that included a very interesting combination of foods that included sweet potatoes, yellow mango peels and onions sliced in two directions….  It was a great night!



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