Homely Living Room

BookcaseShelvesI’ve been living at my apartment in Cambridge for five months now. It is nice to think that I will not have to move for at least a year. My place is finally feeling like home. At other places I lived I would spend most of my time in my room, but at this place the living room feels like my own and I enjoy spending time there. I’m very happy too that my orchid is blooming like crazy!DSCN9297


3 Comments to “Homely Living Room”

  1. You hung your floating shelves. I LOVE your apartment Lise. You’ve really done a stellar job making it look fantastic. :)

  2. Thanks Jenny! I finally hung the floating shelves just yesterday! I kept putting it off because I had to borrow a drill from the school and needed the roomie’s help putting them up. I’m super happy with the way it turned out! :) My next project is to sew my pillow cases! :P

  3. Cool window sill with lots of light – perfect conditions and of course, tlc from an admirer.

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