Introducing Some Awesome Tools

This is a post that I intend to grow as I come across useful tools for my research. Here are a few that I’ve discovered so far:


This is a website that teaches how to code. It currently offers beginner lessons in HTML/CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby. I decided to try it out and found it to be very comprehensive; the lessons are interactive, and it sets up milestones and saves your progress.


This is an Introduction to Computer Science course that Harvard University offers online. It is free and offers video lectures and support. You can either choose to just watch the videos and do only some of the projects, or else you can complete all of the course tasks and final project in order to get a certificate that says you completed the course (pass/fail).

This is a website that provides an “Open Forum on Participatory Geographic Information Systems and Technologies.” It offers a great list of tools, article/book references, and much much more! I haven’t even brushed the surface of the content that this forum has compiled together.


For my research I will be using and contributing to OpenStreetMap (OSM), an online map that is contributed to and used by people all over the world. The data from OpenStreetMap is open source and can therefore be appropriated and used by anyone for free. LearnOSM is a website that brings you through step by step how to contribute and use the data and maps from OSM.

Geojournalism Handbook

This website has a collection of excellent tutorials that describe various tools related to participatory mapping. It covers a whole variety of topics including balloon mapping, using Open Street Map and related tools, using Frontline or Ushahidi software for SMS reporting, and creating a simple animation.

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