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May 25, 2014

Celebrating 26

Crazy faces

The past two weekends were celebrations of life. On the weekend of May 10th I went home and celebrated Mothers day and the birthday that I share with Mom and Sis. I stayed over at Jen and Chris’s place on Friday night, which resulted in the crazy sister picture above. We had a lovely family gathering on the Saturday evening and it was the first time we had seen Al in a while because of her long jaunt to Australia for work. I can hardly believe it but my parents bought me a used DSLR camera for my birthday! I am super excited to jump into the basics of photography with the portrait lens that came with the camera, and before the summer is out I’ll probably get a lens that will allow me to take landscape shots. You’ll be seeing more photos from me from now on! On Sunday Jen, Chris, Kish, and I went on a nice hike in Short Hills. Jen took photos and created two lovely collages from the hike.

Big kissesSitting chillingHike collage  Woods

The following weekend I celebrated my birthday with church and school friends. On Friday evening the Devos’ hosted a birthday BBQ. Leah, Bethany, Caitlin, Tiffany, Kyle and Hannah, Curtis and Kira, and Brent and Cathy were all there and we had a lovely evening of food and conversation. On Saturday Vikkie, Ali, and I drove up to Elora Gorge for a hike. I had always wanted to go there and so there couldn’t have been a better day to make the trek! The day was beautiful. Vikkie prepared an AMAZING picnic lunch that we ate at the lookout. It consisted of a delicious quiche and a fruit tart. Unfortunately I had a cold for the entirety of the weekend and am thankful my friends stuck by me to celebrate anyways! The photos of Elora Gorge are compliments of Vikkie.


So excited



Elora Gorge

Vikkie is super talented and she made me beautiful earrings for my birthday. They were to replace the ones I lost at Christmas when little Grady got into my toiletry case and sucked them down to pulp because he thought they were candy. They sure are sparkly and shiny so who could blame him? I will try my best to take better care with these ones! This photograph is taken by yours truly! :D

Paper earings



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