The following weekend I celebrated Caitlin’s birthday with Bethany and Tiffany. Caitlin had the great idea of going to the Dundas Buskerfest on the Friday night. After a dinner of fries and chicken nuggets and watching How to Tame a Dragon (awesome movie!), we headed out to see what the festival had to offer. There were some great entertainers! The first show we saw was The Real McCoy: a comedic juggling and balancing act; the next show we saw was called Acrobuffos and was an all too humorous mime act that created a dramatic water balloon gladiator fight between two volunteers from the crowd. Next we saw a fire act and storytelling show called In Spiritus done by a group of young international circus and dance performers. The final act that we saw of the night was a group of improve rappers, The Flow Bros, who made up their raps on the spot based on audience suggestions. All in all it was a memorable evening! Credit goes to Tiffany Kleinsteuber for the wonderful photos!

Brent McCoy In Spiritus



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