Hup Holland!

This summer has been quite eventful despite being in school the whole time. The world cup has been a wonderful escape from routine. It was fun to witness some epic games with good friends! My favourite games were the 5-1 Netherlands – Spain game, the 0 – 0 Netherlands – Costa Rica game that the dutch won in shootouts, the insane 7 – 1 Germany Brazil game, and the 1 – 0 Germany Argentina game. Unfortunately I refuse to include the Argentina – Netherlands game in my list because it was a dull game. Why do the dutch always get far and then choke? They definitely win for most entertaining team to watch this world cup though! The most memorable game was spent in Bugsby’s in St. Catharines with Janessa, Jen and Chris for the Costa Rica game! I think we nearly bit our nails off and made the regular restaurant goers jump when we screamed victory!  Photo credit goes to Janessa Snippe. :)

Hup Holland


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