Favourite View

The next person on my itinerary to visit was Stéphanie who I also know from my exchange in Lausanne. Because she wasn’t free until the evening, I decided to arrive early in Brussels, store my bags in a locker for the day, and head out and see some of the city. It was fun to test out my new camera and experiment with more of the settings! From the station I headed toward some spires I saw in the distance and found la grande place where the town hall and the museum are located. There I found an information table and got a map of the city. I decided to follow a path that the map suggested for seeing Art Nouveau architecture. It was a nice way to explore since I really didn’t do any research of the city in advance. My favourite place was the Place d’Albertine because it had an interesting fountain, the statue of the Belgian queen Elisabeth, steps to chill out on, and really nice views.

Fountain StepsChurch Interior Church Old and New Flags Quaint StreetTin-Tin Statue Elisabeth

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