Sur Terrain


It was finally time to go out in field! For four days we met with the volunteers each morning, everyone partnered up, and we gave them an area of Beni to explore and map. The task was to find and fill out surveys for the following elements and place them on the map:

– roads: name (if applicable), type (primary, secondary, residential, footpath), condition (good, mediocre, bad), and coordinates

– bridges: name (if applicable), size (road bridge, footbridge, crossing), material, condition, and coordinates

– points of interest: name, type, subtype, photo (if have permission), and coordinates


One of the core team members stayed at a meeting spot to collect the phones from the teams when they returned. I stayed behind two of the days and went out in the field the other two days. It was a great experience to explore and see different parts of the city. Beni is a very dynamic and beautiful city and I hope that some of the photos I put up in this and the next post will capture some of the life of this place!

At the end of every day I took the phones home to take the data off of the phones and charge them with the few hours of electricity that I had between 6:30 and 10pm. I printed the field papers on the portable printer that I brought along. It was an exhausting but rewarding week! Credit goes to Jessica, Bora, and Archip for these photos.

IMG_0329 IMG_0315


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