Crater Lakes

Fort Portal is located in Western Uganda and is where the international team has been staying during the period of insecurity in Beni territory. It is very much a tourist destination because it is near two national parks, has a view of the Rwenzori mountains, and has a collection of crater lakes. In the first few days of our stay we took time to enjoy some of the surrounding nature. On one day the group of us returned to Kyaninga Lodge to see it during daylight. I was so glad we went back because the view was spectacular. We hiked down to the crater lake that offered a completely different perspective of the landscape. Another day Jessica and I went to visit an old friend of hers from her university and he took us to the Holy Cross Novitiate outside of town that was also on a crater lake. I never get tired of looking at the African sky!

Crater Lake 3

Crater Lake 1

Crater Lake 2

Crater Lake 4

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