Rafting the Nile


Last weekend I had an opportunity to go white water rafting on the Nile. I joined seven of the eMi interns early on Saturday morning on the Adrift bus to Jinja. At the launch point we were provided a light breakfast and introduced to our Kiwi raft guide Dan. He had a hilarious sense of humour however crude at times, but he had us all relaxed and excited. He quickly convinced us that we would enjoy flipping the boat a few times. The Nile is apparently one of the few rapids in the world where it is safe to flip the boat and where they intentionally try to flip. There is so much water in the Nile and the rocks are so deep that if you fall out you just get sucked under for a few seconds and then pop up downstream. It was such a strange feeling to feel the water tug you in different directions. I had a bizarre calm when I was under the water. It’s like this bizarre trust exercize that physics will do its thing.



There were several large breaks between rapids where we would paddle, share stories, and sometimes jump out for a swim. The most amusing moment was watching the guys try to do back flips off the raft! Half way through the day we enjoyed lunch on an island, and after the last rapid we had a small barbecue and got to see a slideshow of the pictures from the day. I also got to enjoy a beer that is named after the final rapid we went on called the Nile Special. The folks at Adrift got some pretty epic shots of us. My favourite ones are the three below that show a before, during, and after of one of our epic flips. It’s kind of cool to see frozen images of something that happened in mere seconds! That’s me hanging off the boat in the second shot! IMG_7331



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