Jessica Pizza

One evening our Kampala family went out for pizza at an Italian restaurant beside Village Mall in Bugoloobi. Walking to catch the matatu was fun because we passed a herd of steers, which is so typical Kampala! The entrance to the restaurant was a bit obscure (it looked like a bus stop on the street), but then it descended into a wonderful little oasis of gardens with seating and stage areas. There was a really awesome stage that was in the shape of a sailing ship. It was clad in small bricks and built around two palm trees that served as the masts. The kids are really into pirates and had a fun time playing on it! When we looked at the menu we discovered that there was a “Jessica” pizza, which made us think of our colleague who recently departed to the US. Of course Archip decided to order it and we had to take a photo! We were missing you Jessica!

Lauren and Gloria

Lauren and Gloria

Port Bell

Pirate Ship

Lauren, Archip, and the "Jessica" pizza

Lauren, Archip, and the “Jessica” pizza

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