I got a pleasant surprise when Kate texted me inviting me to go see the Once musical since she had won free tickets. Cam and Andrea also joined us. Kate and I arrived early so that we could go on stage while people were coming in to be seated. I ordered a beer from the bar on the stage and we got to whisper “Hello” to the piano and enjoy seeing the set up close and looking out onto the audience. The set was very simple with a curved wall covered in old mirrors, a wooden bar, and a checkered floor. I thought how fun it must be for the set designers to make the mirrors look rusty and the floor all scuffed up! After fifteen minutes on stage the actors came out and started playing songs and dancing right in front of us! Then we took our seats right before the musical began. It was definitely worth seeing. The acting and music were great! I was so inspired that I went home and learned “The Hill” on piano!


Stage floor


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