Canada Day with the Lam Fam

Since finishing my thesis I have been in a strange period of being on holiday while still working on my own personal projects. From June 28th to July 1st I visited my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins’ families that are in Trenton area. It was good to visit since I hadn’t seen them in over a year! On Monday I spent the day visiting Janice and Ian and the kids and hanging out at the pool for most of the afternoon and doing slack line. Then on Tuesday I slept in quite a bit and then in the afternoon joined Janice, Marie, and the kids to the regional farm auction. I hadn’t been to a farm auction since I was a kid and so it was fun to walk over the mezzanine and look down at the animals, and also sit in the auction area and listen to the auctioneer fast-talking. First we sat for a while at the smaller pit for the sheep and goats (the baby goats were so cute!), and then went over to the bigger pit to see the cows. It was fun to re-experience the farm auction, this time with more of an architectural perspective: paying attention to how the animals were temporarily stabled, how they were efficiently hoarded into the auction pit and then back out and onto the trucks. Before heading home Janice bought a rabbit! On their small farm they had puppies, kittens, chicks, goats, and rabbits!

Barn mezzanine


Rogue goat

The following day we went with the entire extended family to Cobourg beach as is their annual tradition for Canada Day. I had a great time playing with the kids in the sand, taking them down to the water at one point, and spending some time just observing the view and laying in the sun. One constant task was to keep an eye on the three-year-old twins who were snookerdooks and would constantly go walking off in different directions! The only way to keep them in one place was to feed them or bury them waist-down in the sand!


Chilling with Opa


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