Warmly Welcomed in London

One thing I love about traveling and making friends abroad is that it makes the world feel like such a small place. When befriending other travellers you also know that you are always welcome, even if you give them a shout a few years down the road. I seem to have a habit of doing this…

This time I arranged to visit a friend in London who I had met a month ago during my trip to Nepal. Ben works for Tearfund and was on a short communications assignment at the same time we were there. He then proceeded to take on other roles, one that involved being a bit of a casual host for the EMI team. When he learned that I would be coming to the UK, he generously invited me to stay for a few days with him and his wife Rachel.

A few days before I was about to fly out, they asked me what time I would be coming in so that they could pick me up at the airport. This was such a treat since I have never been picked up at the airport by anyone during my travels. They came and picked me up on Saturday morning and I enjoyed a relaxing two days with them. It was a rainy weekend so we mostly hung around the house. On Saturday they had friends over for lunch who also had an adorable baby girl. Then later we went for a nice walk along the Thames. The next day I joined them for church. They are a young church that have moved back into a beautiful old church building and it made me think of Grace Toronto. After church I joined a group of young people to lunch and then we came back to Ben and Rachel’s flat and played a great game of settlers. I love that a good board game is universal! On Monday morning I left early to get to Waterloo station to catch my train to Exeter! It was a relaxing start to my trip!

An intense Settlers game

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