Autumn Hike

On October 25th my friends Jackie, Rachel, Vikkie and I went on a hike to Webster falls in Hamilton.  We are all very busy and so we had actually picked the day back in the summer already when they had come over to the East end to spend a day at the beach. Rachel came and picked me up with the others in the late morning and we drove down to Dundas. We wandered the shops for a while and then grabbed lunch at The Thirsty Cactus. From there we drove to the bottom point of the trail and made the ascent up the escarpment. The multi-coloured leaves were STUNNING! We were fortunate that the leaves had stayed on the trees for so long. It was a drizzly day but it meant that the trail was less busy. As we walked along I was being my crazy childish self as I ran to try and intercept falling leaves before they hit the ground. I think I just like the idea of catching a leaf that is entirely unique and has never touched the ground. There was one stunning look out point in particular that sat on the edge of a cliff. We took turns going to a clear area and taking photos of each other jumping in the air. Finally we got to the falls and enjoyed the scene while Jacky took the role of professional photographer. It was already getting dark and so we decided to take the road back. It was a pleasant surprise when the path took us along the train tracks for a while and a light fog settled in. The hike was just what I needed to expel some of the pent up energy and anxiety from my new job, my new apartment, and my grandma’s recent passing. Once again I was left in awe at the wonder of God’s creation. The leaves were dying and yet in their death exhibiting an amazing beauty. And yet when the leaves die we are not fearful because we trust that spring will come again with new life.

Colourful view

The two leaves that I caught at the same time!

The two leaves that I caught at the same time!

Webster falls

Webster falls

We got back to the car at dusk and drove back to Toronto. We stopped at NoFrills and picked up pumpkins to carve and apples for apple crisp. I really wanted to carve a watermelon for old time’s sake, but there were none and so we went with an acorn squash to try carving something new! Back at my place we made a delicious pasta dinner and freshly baked apple crisp for dessert. I was distraught because we had forgotten to get ice-cream when we were at the store (apple crisp just isn’t the same without vanilla ice-cream) and so I grabbed my bike, told the others I would be back in ten minutes, and rode out to No Frills. Unfortunately I discovered that No Frills closed early on Sundays and so off I went to Freschco! They were open yet and so twenty minutes later I was back and the ice-cream was well worth the journey! After dinner we started carving pumpkins. Jacky carved the big one into an evil grinning face, Vikkie carved a mischievous minion from the smallest, Rachel carved a frankenstein from the squash, and I carved Pinocchio from a pumpkin that had a long stem that I could use for the nose. We were proud of how they turned out!

Pumpkin carving

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