Raptors Game

In November I went to my first ever Raptors game. It could actually be considered my first ever professional sports game. I went with my work colleagues because we were given tickets by one of our clients. The seats we had were amazing! It was cool to finally experience being in a large stadium and seeing how the building was organized. The game was incredibly close which made it exciting to watch! Near the end of the game they were calling time-outs every few minutes because it would be so easy for the game to tip in the favour of either team. I could see the amount of strategy that was involved. The Raptors were better at manoeuvring and passing to get close to the net, but the Knicks kept getting three pointers. Because we were behind the net, we got free blow-up noise-makers for whenever the Knicks would take a penalty shot in our end. They must do so much training to maintain focus during the ruckus! The Knicks won with only a two point lead.

Stones throw

Work colleagues

Near the end of the game I somehow managed to give myself the most bizarre and embarrassing injury (second only to walking into a hole in the road on the streets of Kampala). During time-outs the mascot and cheerleaders would come out and throw free T-shirts into the crowd. I reached out to catch one that was coming my way (the guy beside me got it in the end) and as I did I sort of half stood up and then sat down hard. I somehow managed to come down and sit right on the edge of my phone! Ouch! I swallowed the pain and and managed to hide it as we left the stadium and even went out for drinks, but when I got home my ass was swollen and black and blue! I was walking funny for almost a week! Excluding my injury it was a great night. Next time I think I’ll just avoid getting swept up in the fandom so that I don’t get distracted, since that is when I usually hurt myself. :P


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