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January 26, 2016

Subtle Technologies

In November our office hosted a Subtle Technologies event. Although it required a big effort to clean up the office, it was kind of fun to open the place up to people. My office is a pretty awesome place to work. Even though I’m working on the architecture side of things, I’m surrounded by experimental sculptural work! It was the perfect place to have the event because Subtle Technologies is a platform that bridges art, science, and technology.


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January 24, 2016

Halloween 2015

Halloween was an enjoyable evening. Susan and I were invited to Jeff and Jess’s place for a bonfire. I borrowed a plaid shirt and cowboy hat from Susan and went out as a cowgirl. Susan dressed up as Joy from the movie Inside Out and I helped her cut her blue wig into a short pixie cut. Jess and Jeff have this amazing little private nook behind their garage with a fire pit and they invited several people who they know from the neighbourhood. We got on the topic of the random lawn bowling club that is nearby, and decided that we would have to plan a lawn-bowling party! We were all so excited until somebody broke the news that it was already closed for the season. After the gathering I headed out to the halloween party at the Loft. It was a great way to reconnect with some people who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. Ali was dressed up as the most convincing Charlie Chaplin!