Admissions Course

Now that I am finished school and am working full time, I am on my final step towards becoming a licensed architect. The last hurtle is to log over 3700 hours of time in specific categories of work in the profession. Sometimes it is frustrating to feel so close but yet so far. When I am almost complete these hours I can take the licensing exam! Another requirement for licensure is to take a three day admissions course that covers topics related to the building code, the architects act, the construction lien act, contract administration, and the list goes on! In the middle of May I sat in on the course that was held at the Allstream Centre at Exhibition Place during the annual OAA conference. It was a bit of a reunion because many friends and old classmates were there and it was fun to catch up! We had sessions every day from 8:30-6:00 with a two hour lunch. It was nice to have a two hour lunch to be able to walk into Liberty Village.

A highlight came on Thursday evening because all of the admissions course attendees were given free tickets for the conference opening party. It was being held at Casa Loma and so I knew I couldn’t miss it! Vikkie and I decided to go together, and it turns out several of our other friends and colleagues came as well! It was one of the most fanciest parties I think I have ever attended. There were open bars located throughout the various rooms that each offered different types of drinks. The doors were open onto the Casa Loma gardens and a spectacular view of the city skyline. There was a DJ and an open floor in the fern room for dancing. We were one of the few groups that actually danced, but we didn’t care what anyone else thought! It was a lovely evening!

The admissions course over all was insightful if not a bit drawn out at times! Mostly I was happy to reconnect with colleagues who I had not seen in sometime!


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