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September 10, 2016

Toronto Firsts

I try to blog even when I am in Toronto because it helps me to remember how I am always learning and discovering new things everyday no matter where I am. Here are some firsts that I have experienced while living in the city this winter/spring/summer.

  • I learned how to curl!
  • A squirrel ran into me while I was walking down the street
  • I am growing my own herbs
  • I sewed curtains
  • I accomplished wheel pose in yoga
  • Saw a movie projected onto a snow bank with snow seats
  • Got a swing dancing lesson!
  • Got a marriage proposal from a stranger
  • Found creative ways to install bikes in mine and Rosy’s┬áplaces
  • Joined a book club (and reading more books than ever!)
  • I am learning dutch
  • Played guitar on my roof

More experiences to likely be added before this year is up!


Bike installation in Rosy’s entry


Guitarist on the roof


Listening and watching closely as we learn how to curl