Icelandic Trekking Cabins

In July and August my colleague Joe and I prepared a design for a trekking cabin in Iceland that we submitted to a competition put on by Beebreeders. The design proposes a truncated pyramidal form that is lifted off the ground so as to stand lightly on the diverse and fragile landscapes that can be found in Iceland. The form is then carved away to create openings that frame the sky and the landscape. Cabins are clustered together with a canopy between them to frame the view of the uninterrupted horizons and form an exterior sheltered area where groups can informally gather. The cabin is designed in prefabricated pieces that can be easily assembled on each site, can function off grid, and is well insulated to protect against the elements.  On the inside there is a storage and mechanical space in the first half level, a small kitchenette and washroom one story up, and bunk beds that are staggered up the sloping walls to make the space as dense as possible. At the scale of a whole trail, the cabins can be clad in materials that compliment the landscape, and the cabins can serve as beacons for the purpose of way-finding at night or in bad weather.

It was a fun project to work on because it had to be functional and iconic at the same time, and I also enjoyed learning about the many different types of terrain that Iceland has. Now I definitely want to travel there at some point! Although we did not place in the competition, we are still very proud of what we came up with. I welcome any feedback you may have about the design!





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