Past Halfway

The next day we headed back to Uganda and were thankful for a smooth journey. When we were at the border we had to take bodas to get the other side because our driver did not have a permit to bring us across (it’s actually where the name “boda” comes from: “boda-boda” or “border border”). When we approached the Uganda side two guys started running up beside the boda and tried to get a hold of the bag I was carrying. I shouted at them and kept an iron grip! The boda driver slowed down and I got off. They were saying “But I am a nice guy!” We later discovered that they were Uganda boda drivers who just wanted us to choose them to bring us the rest of the way. We did go with them in the end, but when the guy said “See? I am a nice guy.”, I responded with, “How am I supposed to know if you are a nice guy if you run up beside me and try to take my bag without asking?” After passing through the Uganda checkpoints we hired a driver to take us to Kampala. We stopped to pick up some grilled meat kabobs and chipatis to eat for dinner during the ride. We didn’t arrive in Kampala until late and so we directed the driver to Bushpigs Backpackers where I was planning to stay for the next two nights. Othy left me at the gate and headed back to his friend’s place. Bushpigs was a cheap and clean international hostel. I went straight to bed but woke up in the early morning by the sound of pounding rain. Because it wouldn’t stop raining, I ended up hanging around for most of the morning in a small little lounge at the hostel. I met an american and a dutch guy and girl and we shared about our various travels. Finally the rain stopped and I headed out to meet Othy. We hung around again for most of the day and I met Sudi who is a friend of Othy’s.

The next day Othy and I took a taxi to downtown and then caught another one to Jinja. I had promised Othy a long time ago that I would take him to Jinja because I had so many fond memories from there and he had never been. It was fun to fulfill my promise and introduce him to a few of my favourite places! We walked down the main street and looked into some of the craft shops. I took him to a restaurant called Ozzie’s where four years ago I had eaten the best burger in my life! The burger wasn’t as good as I remembered (it was missing cilantro which I am convinced was the secret ingredient that made the first one so good!). Still the food was delicious and we had a good time! Then we hired a driver to take us to an island up the river called The Hairy Lemon. This was another place that I went to my first time in Uganda and loved it. It is way off the beaten track and I had to chuckle as we went down another dirt road that became narrower and narrower. A staff opened the gate for us and Othy gawked as we got into the big canoe that would take us through some fast moving water to get us to the island! Othy was pretty excited by this point! When we arrived we discovered that there was only one other person staying on the Island! We would have the place almost to ourselves! We had tea while we waited for the rain to stop, and then went to go and explore the island. After walking around the perimeter of the Island, admiring their method of pumping water (a big wheel that rotates through the water to create pressure), we chilled for the rest of the evening in a wonderful gazebo full of pillows listening to the sound of rushing water and monkeys jumping around in the trees. The next day we visited the farm that is on the mainland, and on the way there and back one of the staff taught Othy how to pilot the canoe! The rest of the morning we waded in the water, played badminton, and another one of the staff offered to take us to a place called The Jacuzzi (I think we really benefited from the place being so quiet). We found out that you actually have to walk through a small tributary of the river to get to this place. At first we tried to go in the kayak with the staff pulling us, but it was too tippy and so we decided to get our shoes wet and walk (it was impossible in bare feet because of the rocks). We trudged to this area of rocks where the water falls into it and stirs around in a spot before falling out again. We climbed in and and hung out there for a bit. Our guide said that if I swam swiftly I could go to the other side, but I underestimated the power of the water and it started to pull me away! I managed to grab a rock and climb out but was tired out after that! We headed back to the beach and Othy tried out the kayak close to shore. Even though our stay at the Hairy Lemon was short, I was thankful that it felt long because of how peaceful it was and how many activities we did. There is also no power outlet or cell reception which can be a good thing now and then!



We left the island right after lunch and the trip back to Kampala was loooong. We didn’t arrive until almost 7pm because of crazy traffic. I had plans to have dinner that night with my friends Matt and Ashley who live in Ggaba, so as soon as we arrived in the city Othy arranged for one of his boda driver friends to come and meet us to take me there. I had some crazy instructions to follow to get there and it got dark which made it hard to look out for signs, but after turning around a few times we made it! I know Matt from Grace Toronto church and he grew up in the church my cousins go to. He did the EMI internship a year or so after me and then became a long term volunteer at EMI. He got involved in the Doors Ministry where he met Ashley. It is so awesome sometimes how are all connected! I enjoyed catching up with them and met the two boys who recently began living with them. After dinner Matt drove me to Mallory’s place where I would spend my last two nights in Uganda. It was wonderful to see Mallory again and I was introduced to her three housemates. It was already late and so we chatted for a bit and then turned in. The next morning I walked with Mallory to visit Monica, a good friend from my time as an intern at EMI. She used to work at EMI, but similar to Matt became involved in the community of Doors and now works for them as a farm manager. I met Othy in town at around noon and we went spent the day running errands until the early evening when we went together to Doors for their worship night. Once again I got an unusual set of instructions and my phone was out of battery. We got lost on the way because I didn’t know where the turnoff was to a specific resort (after which we were supposed to look out for three palm trees… typical Kampala instructions!). Othy let me charge my phone a bit with his computer and we figured it out in the end (and I don’t think I will forget again)! The Doors school was as packed full with people as I had ever seen it. It is amazing how God has grown this ministry over the years! To see how they are bringing God’s kingdom to Kampala, check out their ministry website and blog.



Finally came the day for me to leave! Othy and I went to Watoto church, and then hired a driver in the early afternoon to take us to the airport in Entebbe. We had some time to spare and so I took Othy to Anna’s Corner, the place Jon and Lauren took me to before flying out on my last visit. We learned that Sunday nights are salsa nights when a couple turned on some music and began dancing nearby! Othy’s brother who studies in Entebbe later came to join us. Then it was time for me to go and catch my flight! My time in Uganda and Congo had felt so long and short at the same time. When people asked me after returning home how the trip went, my most common response was that the trip was wonderfully full of good people and experiences. I don’t think I had ever packed in so much before! I am thankful to God for directing my path and keeping me safe. Next stop…. the Netherlands!

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