Race Day

After arriving back in Toronto from my trip the previous evening, I rolled out of bed at 6am to get ready for the 5k race I had that morning. I had committed to this race far before the trip, but when planning for the trip I wanted to maximize my time away. So I only had myself to blame! I think that the excitement kept me going and I was at Adam House by 6:45 and then by 7:30 we were at the starting line! I was in the red corral with Anneke and we decided we would try running together. At 8am the race began and I finished it in just over 26 minutes! This was a way better time than I thought I would get with my injuries in past months and minimal training (I ran twice with Jessica in Beni), but it is amazing how much extra energy can come from running with such a big group of people. I didn’t stick around after the race because I wanted to go to church after being away for so long. Friends at church who knew I just got back and had a race were very surprised to see me! The next day I was oh so sore! But at least I raised a total of $1500 for Adam House! Thanks to everyone who contributed a donation! :D





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