Rattlesnake Point

Although it was already the beginning of November, there were still a few last colourful leaves clinging to the autumn trees. I went with a group of friends from Grace Toronto to Rattlesnake Point, a conservation area in Milton. It was absolutely wonderful! We wandered around the trails not totally paying attention to where we were going, but we ended up at a lookout, where the real scene to see was not the view from the lookout, but the trees right there around us. It was like the forest was on fire. The trees were all maples that had turned yellow and miraculously still had many of their leaves despite many of the other trees being barren. But what really made the scene were thousands of these tiny little maple saplings that flooded the ground with yellow as well! I have never seen anything like it in my life! And what a great place to terminate our walk. We hung around there for a while, drinking in the view and taking a lot of pictures! Most of these photos are compliments of Leemarc who is such an amazing photographer! You can tell that we had a fun time trying to take photos while throwing leaves! Those proved a bit more successful than the boy band cover photo we tried to pose for… never again!






Another unique autumn moment I had was during my walk to work on a day that there had been a thunderstorm earlier in the morning. I felt like I was walking over a gigantic piece of art because every sidewalk was covered in freshly fallen leaves, still glissening with water. The sidewalk was the ideal canvas because the light grey disappeared and only the leaves stood out. The sun had also come out and was making all of the colours light up. Red-green, green-yellow, yellow-orange, red-purple! Every section of sidewalk had a different palette of shapes and colours furnished by the canopies up above. Since I didn’t have my camera, it was an experience I decided to commit to memory and is why I try to describe it here. Hopefully you can now paint a picture in your mind!

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