Farewell to DW


In the beginning of January, my fellow coworker Darcie left our firm after two years of working here. I enjoyed working alongside her and our occasional inter-desk banter. She is such a positive spirit and I will miss her! To celebrate her time with us I invited everyone over to my place for dinner. I got everyone to sign an old drawing of 2 Fraser and included some of the many inside jokes that we had accrued over the last year and a bit! Rolf surprised us all by giving Darcie a pop-up card of our faces (including Dakota front and centre of course)! We all had such a good laugh from it… it was brilliant! Here are a few of the inside jokes that I want to remember from my first year or so at PBAI:

E-mail typos like Wolf instead of Rolf that occasionally became intensional…

Trying to formulate a letter to the city near the end of a long day and laughing out loud about trying to describe that it is not possible to climb the guardrail mesh…. Climb Prevention! Climb Stoppers!

Darcie’s cat stories and random YouTube videos (I think the cat-herding one was my favourite.. if you haven’t seen it, look it up!)

Enjoying Alex’s spot-on impersonations, including one particular voice that for some reason would always give me shivers.

“Glug glug glug glug”, signifying that we should all go for beers

More than 30 washroom design iterations (might as well laugh about it right?)

“Chicken egg chicken egg… *sigh*” to signify the what comes first dilemma – a common occurance.

So it may look like we got nothing done with all of our tom-foolery, but we did in fact accomplish an incredible amount of work for such a small team! The picture above is a photo we took while on a site visit to our 2 Fraser project.

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