Cherry Blossoms 2017

This year the cherry blossoms in High Park were beautiful and bloomed for more than a week! On a Sunday afternoon when they were still in early bloom I brought two ladies from Adam House to come and see them. I don’t think they understood what was so special about them until we came to the grove and I told them about how short they last for. I think flowers are more precious here for the reason that they are ephemeral. Because I didn’t think they would last until the following weekend, I convinced Susan to come and join me early on Thursday morning before work to see them in full bloom. It was wonderful to see them full and with almost nobody around. The park was fresh and tranquil and made me think of how these flowers would still be blooming even if nobody were around to see them. What an amazing part of creation and reminder of new life!


Early bloom on a busy Sunday afternoon




Here is a post from the one other time I visited the cherry blossoms in High Park.

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