5k Run for Adam House

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A year has come and gone and now I am planning to run again in the Scotiabank Waterfront 5k on October 22nd to raise money for an amazing charity that I have been involved with for the past two years. If you know me well, you’ve probably heard me mention them before. I am running for Adam House which is a Christian refugee reception centre that serves newly arrived refugees in their first few months in Canada. In befriending some of the residents who have come through Adam House, I have seen what a difficult time it is for them as they come with nothing and often without their family and loved ones, have to go through a long and complicated application process, and have to adjust to a completely new culture and language. I have also seen how Adam House makes a huge impact on their lives by providing shelter, help with processing their documentation, and even more importantly, offering friendship and community that often continues even as they leave to find their own place. Adam House becomes like family for most of the residents who pass through and I would like to see their work continue and even expand to meet increasing need.

Adam House doesn’t get a lot of government funding and so one of their main fundraisers is through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Will you consider supporting me as I run for them?

To give, you can find my donation profile at the following link to pay with credit card, or you can give me cash, e-transfer, or check along with your e-mail address. Donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt. Thank you for your support!



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