On November 6th-7th I completed the Examination for Architects in Canada (ExACs). This is the culmination of a ten year journey! I felt fortunate because Vikkie, my friend from the beginning of undergrad, was at the same point as me and we were able to go through the experience together. Since Vikkie lives north of Toronto, she came and stayed at my place for the two nights before the exams. The exams were at the Exhibition Place and so it was only a short drive from my place. I was thankful to have a ride with Vikkie instead of biking or transiting there!

The exam was made up of four sections that were each three hours long. The first section included questions on programming, site and environmental analysis, cost management, coordinating engineering systems, schematic design, and design development; the second section was code research; the third section was final project (anything related to building materials, systems, and details); and the fourth section was bidding and contract negotiation, construction phase – office, construction phase – site, and project management). My brain was pretty overloaded approaching the exams and six hours was a lot of time to try to stay focused in one day. At the beginning of each exam I would always have this dreaded feeling of “what if my brain just shuts off and won’t let me finish this?”, but then I always made it through! The first exam felt the worst, perhaps because the content is so diverse or perhaps because I got more used to the experience with each sequential exam. I surprised myself when I left the last exam thirty minutes early!

Vikkie and I were completely exhausted afterwards, but we still decided to join Susan for dinner and drinks at Indie Ale House to celebrate! What a hard push this was! I am thankful to God for bringing me to this point. Now I’m going to forget this exam ever happened until I receive the notice in February of whether I passed or failed! I am hoping I will not have to go through this whole experience again!

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