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May 22, 2018


Over the last few years I have begun experimenting with embroidery as an artistic medium.  I like how it reduces expression to lines and colour. The work is inspired by my Grandma who would often do embroidery on the cards she would give to friends and family on special occasions. The last time I did embroidery was for a set of Christmas cards. This time I made the two cards below as a gift for Philip and Rolf and they depict views from the 2 Fraser adaptive reuse project that I worked on for almost two years.




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May 9, 2018

30th Birthday + Farewell Party

On April 15th I planned a big 30th birthday and farewell party. Finding an affordable place to rent was challenging and I ended up going with a sporting club that was slightly off the beaten track but altogether a nice space. I did a lot of planning and invited many people from my different communities of friends. Unfortunately there was an ice-storm on the day of the party and so the turn-out was much less than planned. It became a more intimate event which was still a very nice time! Below are some photographs from the event and from a makeshift photo booth set-up inspired by Al’s 30th! I was very thankful to celebrate the beginning of this new chapter with friends and family.



Adam HouseIMG_2338


Away from the photo boothIMG_2386IMG_2385IMG_2382

Architecture schoolIMG_2349IMG_2402

May 5, 2018

PBAI RSA Farewell

At the beginning of April, Rolf, Astrid, Philip, and Anne hosted a nice little farewell gathering for me. Darcie, Fysel, Alex, and Mike also came out. We gathered at Rolf and Astrid’s new house and enjoyed dinner and conversation together. At some point in the evening Darcie managed to convince Rolf and Philip to sing something, after which one song surprisingly led to several others in impressive a cappella! Apparently there was still more to discover about my employers of almost three years! I was so thankful to be able to close my time working with them in a positive and memorable way. It is the end of a very good season of professional contribution and development! I am going to miss this group!







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