After returning from the Safari Othy and I spent five more nights at Bwerenga Estate. We spent most days relaxing at the property and only went into town a few times. On one of those outings we went to a Japanese restaurant called Yamasen. I wanted to go there because we had driven by a few times and I noticed that the building was very interesting and wanted to see it close up.

I should have asked someone who the designer was because I have not been able to find out online. In addition to the restaurant there is a gift shop and a cafe in the building. I do not care for how the building is approached from the street (a big parking lot, though built with grass pavers), but I like the plan and details of the interior, the use of materials, and the blurring between inside and outside spaces.

The food is a bit pricy for Kampala standards but delicious. It was a fun way for us to mark one week of being married (What to call it… week anniversary, weekersary? ;) ). Since the last time we were at such a fancy restaurant was during our time in Toronto, I tried to recreate a photo of Othy looking at me across the table.

On the following Monday we embarked by night bus to Goma to visit some of Othy’s friends and family on our way to celebrate our friends Matt and Jess’s wedding that would take place the next Saturday in Bukavu.


Looking towards the entrance and the open-air cafe

IMG_20181027_152039 copy

An exterior courtyard that cuts into the building form


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