Gramma Shower

On February 8th my mom’s friends Ingrid and Caroline planned a surprise Gramma shower for my mom. Ingrid told me about her plan in advance so that Othy and I could be available to join in on Skype. I thought it was a wonderful idea because my mom hasn’t had the chance to do Grandma things in preparation for the arrival of our little one since we live so far away. Ingrid invited my mom over on the pretence of going for a walk, and my mom was very surprised as she approached the house and saw a large gathering of friends and family! There were many people from my parent’s church, my sisters made it out, and my Aunt Marie Ann and Aunt Lisa came too! Everyone enjoyed breakfast together while Othy and I skyped in and got to greet everyone one at a time. I could not stop smiling! After the event my mom took photos of the cards that people wrote to us with their well wishes. Many people also gave financial gifts that helped us to get many of the baby things that we needed. We were so blessed by this gathering!





IMG_20200201_104158 (2)




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