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October 31, 2020

Wedding Anniversary 2.0

On October 20th Othy and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Where has the time gone? I am very thankful for this man. He is a supportive husband and engaged dad. This year was full of big moments and challenges like moving to Kinshasa, having many delays in our plans, and welcoming Moses into the world. Othy is beyond patient, faces challenges with a calm grace, and never gives up. He was with me through all the ups and downs of the pregnancy including taking on the role of nurse at times. He served in so many amazing ways while Moses was a newborn and I was super sleep deprived and still healing. And now it is such a joy to see him interact with Moses day by day.

To celebrate our special day I prepared a candlelight chicken dinner and found some jazz on youtube complete with crackling fire! It’s all about the little things!

October 25, 2020

Protected: Your Eighth Month

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October 24, 2020

Moses at 8 Months

This Month Moses grew four teeth, started taking baths like a big boy, transitioned to supplementing with one bottle of formula each day, and pulled himself to standing for the first time! He rocks back and forth when he is excited and enjoys climbing on us when we are sitting or laying on the ground. He has become a better sleeper and he has an adorable position he takes sometimes with his butt up in the air. He started sleeping in his new wood crib and also got his first pair of shoes and baby dishes. We had two outings this month to celebrate the birthdays of friends.

October 8, 2020

Furniture 1: Crib

In the later part of my pregnancy and after having Moses I have been working on a project to design furniture for our apartment. There are very nice woods available here and yet most quality furniture is imported and far too expensive. Our first project was to make a crib for Moses as he is quickly growing out of the cardboard crib that I made for him at 4 months old. It was a challenge to get the carpenter to follow the drawings and things ended up a bit different, but the end result still achieves the look I was going for and is solidly built. We are looking forward to getting some tools and making furniture ourselves so that we can have more control over the design and quality. That said, the carpenter did very well with the few tools that are available to him. I am looking forward to posting more furniture to come as they are made!

October 5, 2020

Protected: Father & Son Photoshoot

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