Wedding Anniversary 2.0

On October 20th Othy and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Where has the time gone? I am very thankful for this man. He is a supportive husband and engaged dad. This year was full of big moments and challenges like moving to Kinshasa, having many delays in our plans, and welcoming Moses into the world. Othy is beyond patient, faces challenges with a calm grace, and never gives up. He was with me through all the ups and downs of the pregnancy including taking on the role of nurse at times. He served in so many amazing ways while Moses was a newborn and I was super sleep deprived and still healing. And now it is such a joy to see him interact with Moses day by day.

To celebrate our special day I prepared a candlelight chicken dinner and found some jazz on youtube complete with crackling fire! It’s all about the little things!

2 Comments to “Wedding Anniversary 2.0”

  1. Happy, happy anniversary dear Lise!! Anne and I are sending you, Othy and Moses huge love.

    Much love


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