Moses at 9 Months

This month our little man started crawling like a pro. He also pulls himself up to standing everywhere possible. He is curious about everything and is all over the living room in a day and will even try to explore the kitchen and hallway if we let him. He says “Oh” alot and has taken to biting anything and everything as he tests out his teeth! I started working part-time this month and so it has been a challenge to balance caring for Moses, household tasks, and work. We are starting to establish a new daily rhythm.

2 Comments to “Moses at 9 Months”

  1. So great seeing you guys. I can’t believe the size of Moses’s teeth! Meredith’s bottom two are just starting to come in but his are full blown! Also, just realized you finally got your Baby Bjorn! Praise God!

    • Yeah we were amazed how fast they came! 4 teeth in three weeks and now he has 6. He’s been a bit fussy though! Yes, we are very thankful for the carrier. We have had it for a few months now and it has been a real game changer. :)

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